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The Royal Palms Resort and Spa is one mile from the Camelback Mountain - Echo Canyon Recreation Area in Phoenix, Ariz. The hotel is less than two miles from Scottsdale, Ariz. and the Arizona Country Club with it's championship golf course.

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  • Royal Palms - Arizona
  • Maui Resort and Spa
  • Hilton Suites Boca Raton
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    Latest Travel News from CNN

    CNN.com - RSS Channel - Travel

    05/26/2017 08:07 AM
    A roller coaster fanatic's 10 picks for 2017

    05/26/2017 03:35 PM
    First look: Disney's new 'Pandora -- World of Avatar'

    05/16/2017 06:34 AM
    First look inside Universal Orlando's Volcano Bay

    05/26/2017 01:32 PM
    Noma Mexico: The experience of a lifetime?
    How much would you pay for the hottest meal ticket in town? In a world where access is everything, high rollers are willing to shell out big bucks for exclusive tables.

    05/25/2017 06:19 AM
    A Bermuda triangle: Where to eat, stay and play

    05/25/2017 06:05 AM
    Dark 'n' Stormy: The history of Bermuda's unofficial drink

    05/25/2017 02:34 PM
    Meet Roni Saslove, Israel's pioneering female winemaker
    With a Mediterranean climate not unlike Italy or Spain and a national faith that requires drinking "the fruit of the vine" on the Sabbath, it's not surprising that Israel has invested heavily in cultivating its wine industry.

    03/28/2017 04:40 PM
    The world's most beautiful island hotels
    From Australia to the Caribbean, there's no shortage of beautiful island hotels around the world.

    05/17/2017 01:46 AM
    France's city of stars and sunshine
    Cannes might be famous for its red carpet, but this glamorous Riviera resort isn't one of Europe's most popular just because of its big names and seaside bling.

    05/19/2017 12:14 PM
    How Amsterdam cleaned up its Red Light District

    Latest Travel News from USA Today

    GANNETT Syndication Service

    05/23/2017 04:05 AM
    The coolest ice cream sandwiches across the country
    Sandwich summer's refreshing sweet between cookies, doughnuts, macarons and more.

    05/26/2017 04:04 PM
    Elite travel perks put to the test: Are they worth it?
    Two reporters, one with perks and one without, compared notes from the same trip.

    05/26/2017 08:24 AM
    Travel bloggers: Money-saving tips all travelers should try
    We’ve assembled an expert panel of travel bloggers to share their best advice.

    05/26/2017 06:16 AM
    America's best beaches: Florida, Hawaii sands top 'Dr. Beach' rankings
    Siesta Beach in Sarasota, Fla., was named the USA's best beach by Dr. Beach.

    05/26/2017 04:46 AM
    Mid-century modern hotels swing into a new era
    These properties have embraced their heritage with a renewed vibe and updated feel.

    05/26/2017 03:35 PM
    Disney parks begin a blockbuster summer
    Visit the world of "Avatar" in Orlando, or break the Guardians out in Anaheim.

    05/26/2017 04:03 AM
    Spirited ways to toast to summer
    Bars and restaurants are ready for summer with refreshing and festive libations.

    05/26/2017 04:45 AM
    Best beach bites: TV chef Katie Lee’s seaside faves
    Maybe it’s the salt air, but there’s something special about eating at the shore.

    05/25/2017 04:57 AM
    This rum is so potent you can’t take it on a plane
    Caribbean small-batch rum makers use time-honored techniques with an emphasis on ultra-pure ingredients.

    05/25/2017 03:38 AM
    Find hot dogs for sushi lovers in Canada and California
    This wildly popular concept from Vancouver tops specialty sausages with Japanese flavors.

    Top Of USA Today Section


    USATODAY - Today In the Sky

    05/25/2017 06:48 PM
    Elite travel perks put to the test: Are they worth it?
    Two reporters, one with perks and one without, compared notes from the same trip.

    05/26/2017 05:10 AM
    Name that airport ...
    Here is this week's "name that airport" photo. 

    05/26/2017 01:23 AM
    Southwest adds new routes to Mexico, Caribbean and Milwaukee
    Southwest revealed the new service as it extended its booking schedule into early 2018.

    05/24/2017 09:46 PM
    TSA PreCheck additions: Singapore, Turkish and Silver among new airlines
    The TSA's expedited security option for approved fliers is now up to 37 airlines.

    05/24/2017 06:41 PM
    Thursday flight headaches: Delays hit Northeast, California
    Delays or cancellations were affecting a number of major airports on Thursday afternoon.

    05/25/2017 01:29 AM
    Allegiant to waive fees for military members, families
    'Allegiant Honors' program will waive fees for items like bags and seat assignments .

    05/24/2017 04:32 AM
    Frontier's two newest cities: Providence and Long Island/Islip
    The two new airports will join Frontier Airlines’ network this summer.

    05/24/2017 02:34 AM
    United 757 evacuated after apparent engine fire
    Five people received minor injuries in Tuesday night incident at Newark Liberty airport.

    05/24/2017 01:29 AM
    Spirit Airlines opens $32 million hangar at Detroit airport
    Spirit's new facility will primarily be used for overnight maintenance and repairs.

    05/24/2017 02:30 AM
    FAA: Airlines must remove unsafe seats from some regional planes
    FAA targets specific kind of seat on smaller airliners; cites injury risk in survivable crashes.

    Top Of USA Today Section


    GANNETT Syndication Service

    05/26/2017 04:46 AM
    Mid-century modern hotels swing into a new era
    These properties have embraced their heritage with a renewed vibe and updated feel.

    05/22/2017 04:52 AM
    Photo tour: British hotels with gorgeous gardens
    An 18th-century Arcadia in rural Devon. A subtropical seaside Cornish fantasy. An Elizabethan manor with a quintessential English garden.

    05/24/2017 09:00 AM
    Seven surprising hotel brands, from CuisinArt to Versace
    Luxury fashion houses and dining establishments aren’t the only ones breaking into the industry.

    05/23/2017 07:27 AM
    The 20 most popular hotels in Miami
    Expedia names its 20 most popular hotels in Miami

    05/22/2017 11:32 PM
    Hotels add plugs, ports for device-laden guests
    Hotels add power outlets and USB ports to guestrooms and public spaces.

    05/15/2017 04:51 AM
    Luxury for less: Caribbean resorts on sale in summer
    You’ll find cool breezes, uncrowded beaches and discounted rooms at top-notch resorts.

    05/10/2017 05:01 AM
    10 hotel gyms with invigorating views
    Feel like you’re sightseeing while working up a sweat.

    05/10/2017 04:49 AM
    10 hotel gyms with invigorating views

    05/09/2017 09:11 AM
    A tour of the new Freepoint hotel outside of Boston
    The independent hotel is located in West Cambridge in the Fresh Pond neighborhood.

    05/09/2017 06:39 AM
    A look at the new Freepoint Hotel in Cambridge, Mass.

    Top Of USA Today Section


    GANNETT Syndication Service

    05/25/2017 04:58 AM
    10 insanely affordable summer destinations for 2017
    Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, a partner or solo, these destinations won’t disappoint.

    05/25/2017 04:57 AM
    This rum is so potent you can’t take it on a plane
    Caribbean small-batch rum makers use time-honored techniques with an emphasis on ultra-pure ingredients.

    05/23/2017 06:55 AM
    America’s best train journeys, ranked
    You’ll cross lofty trestles, swoop through long tunnels and snake alongside rivers.

    05/24/2017 02:51 PM
    Travelers to U.K. will face heightened security after Manchester attack
    Tourists heading to the United Kingdom will face heightened scrutiny and security.

    05/22/2017 04:48 AM
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park has regrown
    After the fires in November of last year, the region has bounced back.

    05/22/2017 04:52 AM
    Photo tour: British hotels with gorgeous gardens
    An 18th-century Arcadia in rural Devon. A subtropical seaside Cornish fantasy. An Elizabethan manor with a quintessential English garden.

    05/26/2017 04:40 AM
    TV chef Katie Lee shares her favorite beach bites

    05/26/2017 04:54 PM
    Frommer's celebrates 60th anniversary with vacation giveaway
    Military families have until June 4 to submit applications for free vacations from Frommer's

    05/25/2017 11:16 AM
    Best ways to explore New York by water
    This summer, take advantage of the fact that you're on an island

    05/25/2017 11:05 AM
    Readers' Choice: Best of Canada
    Vote for the best destinations, attractions, national parks, drives and cottage regions

    Top Of USA Today Section


    Latest Travel News from the New York Times

    NYT > Travel

    05/25/2017 02:14 PM
    Finding My Florida
    It’s a much-mocked place — but also many states in one. All of them can be fascinating and, yes, sometimes weird.
    05/24/2017 02:00 AM
    Footsteps: Mondrian’s World: From Primary Colors to the Boogie Woogie
    Exploring the touchstones of Piet Mondrian’s life, as Dutch cultural institutions celebrate the 100th anniversary of the art movement he helped found.
    05/25/2017 09:01 PM
    On Set: ‘Dirty Dancing’: Where Kellerman’s Came to Life
    The lake where Johnny lifted Baby may be gone, but the North Carolina and Virginia sites where the film was shot still offer plenty of nostalgia.
    05/25/2017 02:00 AM
    Heads Up: Then, a Vibrant Jewish Hub. Now, a Culinary Hotbed.
    Ambitious chefs and independent entrepreneurs are flocking to the gritty Portobello neighborhood on the south side of Dublin.
    05/23/2017 09:01 PM
    Pursuits: In the Bars of Berlin, Both the Drinks and Design Are Bracing
    The city’s cocktail dens offer intriguing interiors — a chic retreat, a 19th-century villa — and menus that combine classics and recent inventions.
    05/26/2017 03:00 AM
    Bites: At Bay Area Restaurant, Roadside Food With a California Accent
    The chef at Dad’s Luncheonette is an alumnus of Saison, the wildly expensive San Francisco spot. Dad’s is anything but.
    05/25/2017 03:00 AM
    Chasing the Deal: Pets on the Premises? It’s a Hotel Perk
    Guests who love animals can spend time with dogs, macaws and rescued tortoises and horses.
    05/25/2017 03:00 AM
    Update: For Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th, Tours, Exhibitions and Tattoos
    To celebrate the architect, museums, foundations and hotels will showcase buildings and drawings. Also, a bike route and sketch workshops.
    05/24/2017 03:00 AM
    Q. AND A.: For a Hotel Beekeeper, Honey Is Just the Beginning
    Noel Patterson educates guests at the Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson on the importance of bees, leads tastings and encourages backyard hives.
    05/23/2017 08:00 AM
    Travel Tips: How to Best Use Your Hotel Concierge
    Making friends with a concierge can get you that coveted dinner reservation or even a real estate agent. Just make sure you want what you ask for.
    05/23/2017 11:19 PM
    Surfacing: Five Places to Go in Zagreb
    A formerly bland residential neighborhood in the Croatian capital has been transformed into a creative hub filled with cafes, bookstores and shops.
    05/22/2017 02:00 AM
    The Getaway: Want Family Travel to Really Count? Make a Plan
    Here are some tips to please every kid, from toddler to teenager.
    05/29/2017 02:00 AM
    The Getaway: Greening Your Summer Vacation
    Tips on how to be an ecotourist.
    05/29/2017 02:00 AM
    52 Places to Go: A Bird’s Eye View in Laikipia
    Here are three ways to spy wildlife, large and small, in the Laikipia region of Kenya.
    05/28/2017 01:58 PM
    The Motive in a Manhattan Shooting? The Statue of Liberty
    An unlikely turf battle at the bottom of Manhattan is being fought over the Statue of Liberty. There have been several assaults and most recently a shooting.

    Top Of New York Times Section


    NYT > Escapes

    03/05/2010 01:42 PM
    Paddleboarding in Hawaii: Who Cares About Surf
    Paddleboarding while upright means venturing far and wide without having to hunt for waves.
    03/05/2010 12:27 AM
    The Falcon: A Jazz Haven in a Hudson Valley Hamlet
    Away from Manhattan’s urban frenzy, one man’s hospitality has created an intimate stage for top-tier musicians.
    03/05/2010 12:28 AM
    Breaking Ground: Sound-View Homes in North Carolina’s Waterfront
    A waterfront second-home community in Merry Hill, N.C.
    02/27/2010 06:01 PM
    From Frozen Vines In Ontario, a Sweet Specialty: Ice Wine
    The Niagara Peninsula in Ontario is ground zero for ice wine, whose grapes are ready for harvesting in the middle of winter.

    Top Of New York Times Section


    Latest Travel Tips from ESL

    Sujain Thomas -- 2015-08-28 23:46
    Travel Truths That Will Always Catch Up With You It doesn’t really matter whether you are one of those meticulous and go-by-the-book travelers or simply the fancy and footloose types without a care in the world, there are certain travel truths that will always catch up with you. You would have ten...
    aggouni -- 2015-04-10 19:02
    You may wonder what is the healthiest way to spend money? What causes us travel and be globetrotters? Where can a long trip on plane take us to? And where does the only palace exist in the United States? Discover 10 of the finest tourist facts that will introduce you to the world of travelling just ...
    t2india.in -- 2015-03-01 04:13
    Busted: Popular Travelling Myths Travelling is one of the THE rites of passage of the world. Everyone has this inherent need to travel whether they are from the stone age looking for better pastures or the new age man or woman looking to add some colour to life with a short trip abroad. Exploring ne...
    Jude Tan -- 2014-04-26 01:50
    So you've just had your Chinese visa stamped into your passport, your flights are booked, you have your farewell party sorted and it’s just a matter of days before the adventure begins. While a game of charades with your local waitress might be fun the first couple of times, getting chicken claw a...
    Well jaded traveler -- 2014-00-22 12:18
    When arriving in a new city, from my hotel room (which I always chose in the middle of the hotel area of the city), I walk to a nearby 5 star hotel. They always have a line of taxi cabs waiting in their drive way. They only allow good taxi drivers to pick up their guests. I don't know what the proce...
    Peter Goudge -- 2014-00-22 12:09
    Every person who has spent some time teaching and travelling around the world has a taxi story to share. Over the past 30 years or so that I’ve been teaching and travelling (with breaks in between), I can safely say that I’ve heard a taxi story from every continent. I’ve heard some shockers in...
    Emily Austin -- 2014-00-04 12:29
    Whether you are dealing with forest camping for the first time, or you are a frequent camper, a new outdoor tour will always be very thrilling and scary at the same time, especially if it includes camping within it. If you are planning a tour to India for experiencing ultimate fun and adventure, the...
    Sarsjh Patrick -- 2013-11-04 12:58
    Wildlife photography is indeed very rewarding, yet challenging when compared with all the other kinds of photography. Getting all the animals together to click the perfect picture can at times be very irritating. You cannot control or order them the way you want and therefore, need to have lots of p...
    Jon Cheney -- 2013-06-19 17:49
    As summer rolls on through, and we all sit in the office pining for a foreign getaway, regrets may begin to creep in that we didn’t think ahead and book something months ago. Thankfully there are plenty of holiday operators offering last minute holiday deals so you don’t have to miss out on a su...
    Cliff -- 2013-06-19 15:59
    There is always a part of me that dislikes the environmental impacts of traveling. The use of fossil fuels for transportation, buying food in non-environmentally friendly packaging, the list goes on. Luckily, I've found a couple of ways to make traveling a little easier on the environment. Use these...

    Misc Travel Destinations & News

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