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The Royal Palms Resort and Spa is one mile from the Camelback Mountain - Echo Canyon Recreation Area in Phoenix, Ariz. The hotel is less than two miles from Scottsdale, Ariz. and the Arizona Country Club with it's championship golf course.

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  • Royal Palms - Arizona
  • Maui Resort and Spa
  • Hilton Suites Boca Raton
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    Latest Travel News from CNN

    CNN.com - RSS Channel - Travel

    04/24/2017 06:33 PM
    Best hotels in Mauritius: Top designers remade luxury in paradise

    04/18/2017 02:09 AM
    Underwater waterfall and 12 other Mauritius must-sees
    No one needs help finding a beautiful beach in Mauritius, but there's tons to explore away from the water as well.

    04/19/2017 11:39 PM
    Island spirit: How Mauritius rum is taking on the world
    A relaxation of rules on sugar cane use is allowing a new wave Mauritius rum makers to make a name for themselves

    04/25/2017 08:20 AM
    The new bookstore bringing magic to Brooklyn

    04/23/2017 06:53 PM
    This is India's most exciting new luxury hotel

    04/24/2017 07:03 AM
    Exclusive tours of the world's busiest attractions
    Imagine securing a one-on-one date with Mona Lisa at the Louvre.

    04/25/2017 08:34 AM
    How America's best barista makes a perfect cup of coffee

    04/20/2017 04:44 AM
    The world's most beautiful floral hotels

    04/12/2017 01:03 AM
    Zannone: Italy's forbidden 'orgy island'

    04/25/2017 06:58 AM
    Chasing 'dark skies' to focus on light pollution
    It started as a hobby. It's evolved into a cause.

    Latest Travel News from USA Today

    GANNETT Syndication Service

    04/25/2017 04:18 AM
    Photo tour: The allure of an Avalon Waterways river ship
    USA TODAY Cruise goes inside one of Avalon Waterways' 16 vessels in Europe

    04/25/2017 05:19 AM
    10 luxurious vacation rentals with beautiful bathtub views
    Soak in your surroundings from the comfort of the tub.

    04/25/2017 02:29 AM
    It's time for airlines to stop overselling
    Bumping passengers can lead to very unintended consequences.

    04/25/2017 04:46 AM
    Acadia National Park: There's nothing like the sunrise here
    Cadillac Mountain has one of the first views in the entire USA.

    04/24/2017 04:52 AM
    20 of Great Britain’s most unusual hotels
    Check out these delightful lodging options for your next trip.

    04/24/2017 04:46 AM
    Five "mighty" reasons to road trip through Utah
    The Mighty 5 (Utah's national parks) are just one good reason for a trip.

    04/24/2017 03:20 AM
    50 states: 50 hidden restaurants and bars
    Chase the allure of clandestine drinking dens and eateries across the country.

    04/24/2017 05:23 AM
    April route roundup: Where airlines are adding (or cutting) service
    Airlines add routes and ax underperforming ones.

    04/23/2017 03:01 PM
    How to avoid visa problems this summer
    Visas are expensive, complicated and arguably unnecessary.

    04/22/2017 09:39 AM
    One of the last airworthy Boeing 747-200s flies into retirement
    “I tell ya, this is a nice airplane. It’s old-school,” says Kalitta Air Capt. Scott Jaykl.

    Top Of USA Today Section


    USATODAY - Today In the Sky

    04/24/2017 07:07 PM
    JetBlue CEO keeps no-overbooking policy
    JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes said Tuesday the carrier is sticking with its policy against overbooking, but high bumping statistics reflec...

    04/25/2017 03:37 AM
    Frequent-flier review: Southwest, Delta have 'cheapest' U.S. awards
    Analysis looked only at economy U.S. tickets, excluding international and business-class data.

    04/24/2017 04:40 AM
    Qatar Airways plans new San Francisco route despite U.S. uncertainty
    No precise start date was given for San Francisco; Las Vegas route reportedly faces a delay.

    04/21/2017 05:12 AM
    Name that airport ...
    Here is this week's "name that airport" photo. 

    04/20/2017 06:22 PM
    FAA: Turbulence injuries jolt twice as many flights in 2016
    Injuries included a gashed face, a fractured spine and second-degree burns from scalding water.

    04/21/2017 01:43 AM
    Interview: Emirates remains 'bullish and confident about U.S.'
    Emirates remains committed to the U.S., airline president says in interview with AP.

    04/21/2017 03:21 AM
    One of the last airworthy Boeing 747-200s flies into retirement
    “I tell ya, this is a nice airplane. It’s old-school,” says Kalitta Air Capt. Scott Jaykl.

    04/24/2017 12:41 AM
    April route roundup: Where airlines are adding (or cutting) service
    Airlines add routes and ax underperforming ones.

    04/20/2017 01:01 AM
    Copa Airlines picks Denver to be its 13th U.S. destination
    Panamanian carrier will fly to its Panama City base, which it calls the “Hub of the Americas.”

    04/18/2017 07:39 PM
    List: The world's 20 busiest airports (2016)
    Atlanta topped the busiest airports (by passengers) for the 19th consecutive year.

    Top Of USA Today Section


    GANNETT Syndication Service

    04/24/2017 04:52 AM
    20 of Great Britain’s most unusual hotels
    Check out these delightful lodging options for your next trip.

    04/17/2017 07:22 AM
    Pillow talk is big business for hotels
    Hotel companies take choosing their guestroom pillows seriously.

    04/19/2017 05:04 AM
    A peek into New York's new Arlo NoMad hotel
    Arlo NoMad is yet another one of the new hotels in New York City's NoMad neighborhood

    04/25/2017 09:29 AM
    The 20 most popular hotels in Chicago
    Here are the most in demand hotels in Chicago, according to Expedia

    04/25/2017 08:37 AM
    The 20 most popular hotels in Chicago, according to Expedia

    04/19/2017 04:20 PM
    Holiday Inn hotel chain reveals malware attack that stole credit card info
    The attack infiltrated front-desk registers at 1,775 hotels including Holiday inn, Crowne Plaza and Kimpton chains

    04/12/2017 04:57 AM
    Nine tiny hotels with big hospitality
    If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, check out these hotels with just 20 rooms or less.

    04/10/2017 09:57 AM
    Boston Park Plaza gets a $100 million renovation
    The historic Boston Park Plaza celebrates its 90th anniversary and a renovation

    04/05/2017 04:57 AM
    Amazing hotel bathrooms around the world
    From lavatories with a view to refreshing al fresco bathing, take a tour of enticing facilities.

    04/03/2017 02:23 PM
    Hotel thermostats a hot topic for guests
    Hotels strive to provide comfort for patrons with wildly varying preferences.

    Top Of USA Today Section


    GANNETT Syndication Service

    04/21/2017 04:54 AM
    Bridges, rail corridors find new life as urban trails
    Once seen as urban blight, abandoned industrial corridors and rail lines have been transformed.

    04/20/2017 04:50 AM
    Photo tour: The best beaches in Georgia
    These beaches have all the Southern charm you're looking for.

    04/20/2017 03:04 PM
    Why ski resorts close when they still have tons of snow
    The end of ski season is always a bummer, but resorts have reasons for not letting a good thing last.

    04/20/2017 11:46 AM
    The best museum exhibits in the U.S. this spring
    Museums are ready to shake off the winter blues and show off new collections and exhibits.

    04/20/2017 04:49 AM
    Three great reasons to travel to Connecticut
    From world-famous pizza to world-class architecture, explore some of the state’s best attractions.

    04/19/2017 05:48 AM
    25 must-see buildings in Texas
    Take a photo tour of noteworthy buildings in the Lone Star State.

    04/25/2017 08:37 AM
    The 20 most popular hotels in Chicago, according to Expedia

    04/25/2017 08:26 AM
    You're going to be obsessed with Machu Picchu
    Peru is waiting for you.

    04/25/2017 05:52 AM
    10Best: Otherworldly outdoor music venues
    It's worth traveling to these venues, no matter who's playing

    04/25/2017 05:48 AM
    10Best: Over-the-top eats in Las Vegas
    Drop your winnings on these outrageous Sin City menu items

    Top Of USA Today Section


    Latest Travel News from the New York Times

    NYT > Travel

    04/25/2017 02:00 AM
    A Journey Through Baja California’s Wine Country
    Vineyards and culinary marvels beckon in the austere backcountry of the Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico.
    04/25/2017 02:00 AM
    Heads Up: Millennials Answer the Call of Mexican Wine Country
    Raw and quirky, Valle de Guadalupe is drawing 20- and 30-somethings with modern, design-y wineries and a grit that can’t be found in Napa or Sonoma.
    04/24/2017 02:00 AM
    The Getaway: A Bounty of Europe Travel Deals
    The weakened euro and pound, increased airline competition and uncertainty over security have led to remarkable deals.
    04/25/2017 03:00 AM
    Personal Journeys: For Road-Weary Cyclists, a Room, a Couch, Maybe Even a Meal.
    Warm Showers, run by a network of volunteers, pairs cyclists with hosts in 175 countries. There is no fee, but there might be Hawaiian pizza.
    04/25/2017 03:00 AM
    Chasing the Deal: After Decline in Paris Tourism, Hotels Offer Discounts
    Attacks in the city and in Europe have led luxury properties to lower prices — and to add perks.
    04/19/2017 02:00 AM
    The Love Issue: In Spain, Secrets and a Possible Betrayal
    It was summer in Granada, and I told myself I was in love. That wouldn’t last.
    04/19/2017 02:30 AM
    The Love Issue: When Love and Travel Meet on the Road
    Six writers recount transformative moments that happened while traveling.
    04/17/2017 09:02 PM
    The LOVE ISSUE | LODGING ROUNDUP: Hotels and Resorts for Romance of All Kinds
    Some new and improved hotels and resorts to woo many ages and stages of love, from platonic crushes to wedded commitment.
    04/21/2017 07:13 AM
    Frugal Traveler: Exploring Baltimore, a City With Style to Spare, on a Budget
    A visit included bowling, crab cakes, art museums and some John Waters-style kitsch.
    04/19/2017 04:42 PM
    The Love Issue: Three Trips, Three Steps Closer to a Breakup
    Each trip pushed us farther apart. So why would I continue to get on a subway with this person, never mind board an airplane?
    04/19/2017 02:25 AM
    The Love Issue: How Sicily Cemented an Unlikely Friendship
    A trip to Palermo meant getting to know the city — and a new friend — much better.
    04/18/2017 02:00 AM
    Frugal Traveler: Which Travel Search Site Is Best? It Depends on Your Goals
    I began this informal study expecting prices and options to be more or less the same from site to site. Let’s just say I was surprised by how wrong I was.
    04/25/2017 09:44 AM
    Restaurant Review: Union Square Cafe Returns, With More Than a Dash of Déjà Vu
    The reboot of Danny Meyer’s first restaurant replicates much of the look, taste and comfort that made the original so popular.
    04/25/2017 06:30 AM
    Salat Island Journal: A Refuge for Orangutans, and a Quandary for Environmentalists
    Some worry that a palm oil company’s gift to endangered Borneo orangutans distracts from a big threat to the species: deforestation by such companies.
    04/24/2017 11:50 AM
    Itineraries: Putting the Front Desk in the Hotel Guest’s Pocket
    For everything from requesting extra towels to opening doors, hotels offer apps and technology to keep customers happy and coming back.

    Top Of New York Times Section


    NYT > Escapes

    03/05/2010 01:42 PM
    Paddleboarding in Hawaii: Who Cares About Surf
    Paddleboarding while upright means venturing far and wide without having to hunt for waves.
    03/05/2010 12:27 AM
    The Falcon: A Jazz Haven in a Hudson Valley Hamlet
    Away from Manhattan’s urban frenzy, one man’s hospitality has created an intimate stage for top-tier musicians.
    03/05/2010 12:28 AM
    Breaking Ground: Sound-View Homes in North Carolina’s Waterfront
    A waterfront second-home community in Merry Hill, N.C.
    02/27/2010 06:01 PM
    From Frozen Vines In Ontario, a Sweet Specialty: Ice Wine
    The Niagara Peninsula in Ontario is ground zero for ice wine, whose grapes are ready for harvesting in the middle of winter.

    Top Of New York Times Section


    Latest Travel Tips from ESL

    Sujain Thomas -- 2015-08-28 23:46
    Travel Truths That Will Always Catch Up With You It doesn’t really matter whether you are one of those meticulous and go-by-the-book travelers or simply the fancy and footloose types without a care in the world, there are certain travel truths that will always catch up with you. You would have ten...
    aggouni -- 2015-04-10 19:02
    You may wonder what is the healthiest way to spend money? What causes us travel and be globetrotters? Where can a long trip on plane take us to? And where does the only palace exist in the United States? Discover 10 of the finest tourist facts that will introduce you to the world of travelling just ...
    t2india.in -- 2015-03-01 04:13
    Busted: Popular Travelling Myths Travelling is one of the THE rites of passage of the world. Everyone has this inherent need to travel whether they are from the stone age looking for better pastures or the new age man or woman looking to add some colour to life with a short trip abroad. Exploring ne...
    Jude Tan -- 2014-04-26 01:50
    So you've just had your Chinese visa stamped into your passport, your flights are booked, you have your farewell party sorted and it’s just a matter of days before the adventure begins. While a game of charades with your local waitress might be fun the first couple of times, getting chicken claw a...
    Well jaded traveler -- 2014-00-22 12:18
    When arriving in a new city, from my hotel room (which I always chose in the middle of the hotel area of the city), I walk to a nearby 5 star hotel. They always have a line of taxi cabs waiting in their drive way. They only allow good taxi drivers to pick up their guests. I don't know what the proce...
    Peter Goudge -- 2014-00-22 12:09
    Every person who has spent some time teaching and travelling around the world has a taxi story to share. Over the past 30 years or so that I’ve been teaching and travelling (with breaks in between), I can safely say that I’ve heard a taxi story from every continent. I’ve heard some shockers in...
    Emily Austin -- 2014-00-04 12:29
    Whether you are dealing with forest camping for the first time, or you are a frequent camper, a new outdoor tour will always be very thrilling and scary at the same time, especially if it includes camping within it. If you are planning a tour to India for experiencing ultimate fun and adventure, the...
    Sarsjh Patrick -- 2013-11-04 12:58
    Wildlife photography is indeed very rewarding, yet challenging when compared with all the other kinds of photography. Getting all the animals together to click the perfect picture can at times be very irritating. You cannot control or order them the way you want and therefore, need to have lots of p...
    Jon Cheney -- 2013-06-19 17:49
    As summer rolls on through, and we all sit in the office pining for a foreign getaway, regrets may begin to creep in that we didn’t think ahead and book something months ago. Thankfully there are plenty of holiday operators offering last minute holiday deals so you don’t have to miss out on a su...
    Cliff -- 2013-06-19 15:59
    There is always a part of me that dislikes the environmental impacts of traveling. The use of fossil fuels for transportation, buying food in non-environmentally friendly packaging, the list goes on. Luckily, I've found a couple of ways to make traveling a little easier on the environment. Use these...

    Misc Travel Destinations & News

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